Who we are

A group of investigators from 15 institutions throughout the United States and Europe has developed a plan to enhance research in the area of Ph1-negative MPDs, the Myeloproliferative Disorders Research Consortium (MPD-RC). This group decided that an interactive, multi-institutional international consortium composed of both basic scientists and clinicians was required to perform sophisticated basic and clinical research in the area of Ph1-negative MPD.

The group realized that clinical and basic research in this area could not flourish in isolation, and that efforts in each area of investigation were critical for advances to occur in this field of study. The MPD-RC mission is to achieve an understanding of the biological basis for the Ph1-negative MPD and to develop curative strategies for this group of diseases. Such an approach would assure the availability of clinical specimens needed to study Ph negative MPD with modern molecular and cellular biological tools. The knowledge generated from such basic research efforts in turn would serve as a stimulus to develop and evaluate novel therapeutic strategies.

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